Instructions for Students

a)      Before filling the form, ensure that  you do not register twice for the same exam.


b)      The Tournament of Towns, India respects your privacy. Information collected here is only for the purpose of providing the staff of the Tournament of Towns program with information relevant to the safety and protection of the program participants.


c)      The Tournament of the Towns is an open contest.


d)      There are two levels of difficulty in the Tournament of the Towns:

1.      Level O

2.      Level A


Under 'O' level category students may register for Junior 'O' Level (Class 7 to 10) or Senior 'O' Level (Class 11 & 12)

Under 'A' level category students may register for Junior 'A' Level (Class 7 to 10) or Senior 'A' Level (Class 11 & 12)


However candidates of the junior group may sit for senior group in any of the competition (O Level or A Level).


e)      Most problems in the Tournament of the Towns competition don't require special knowledge or highly developed technical skills but they require imagination and fresh ideas.


f)       The participants have 5 hours for solving and exposition of the problems of each level.


g)      Please note that the conditions of the problems are confidential and are not to be published on any social channel or on any discussion forum until they have been published on the official site.


h)      Any travel expense or any other expense incurred during the program or after this for participating in the International Conference will be incurred by the candidate only. Local organizing committee will not be liable for re-imbursement of any fee in any form.


i)        Please provide accurate information. If a participant violates the rules then the local organizers may disqualify him.


j)        For any Further query visit .


Declare: I give the Tournament of Towns India, permission to reproduce photographs, video and other media taken at the Tournament of Towns program, including posting my name on the website should I win an award, and I agree that the Tournament of Towns, India is entitled to use the said media as described above in promotional materials.